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“Jesus Christ in Every Home”.
To train, organise and encourage every family to have a place of worship and fellowship within their own private homes.

To disciple all men through active teaching of the Word of God, the Bible.

(1) To preach the gospel of Kingdom of God to every resident in our community, neighbourhood and beyond.

(2) To proffer possible solutions to the current social challenges confronting the people from their enemy, Satan the devil.

(3) To accept interested converts as members of the local church fellowship, caring and teaching them how to live in love and peace with one another.

4) To groom every member into a minister by teaching them how to develop, discover, maximize their callings, gifts and talents to positively impact their world.

5) To educate and provide opportunities for members to grow and develop spiritually, mentally and emotionally in other to fulfill their purposes; through bible studies, summits/retreat and weekly leadership development programs.

6) To provide good materials and conducive facilities for training, learning, fellowship and worship.