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A. Brief History of TKKA:
TKKA started in March, 2008 under the leadership of the Presiding Pastor, Augustine Ogoh Ogbu in
Ukwonyo, Utonkon.
The motto of the church is “Christ Jesus in every home”. The church has 12 Pastors in addition to the Presiding Pastor who supervises the branches within and outside Ufia.
The Church in Ufia has twelve branches Three branches in Ukwonyo, Two branches in Ogege, six branches in Royongo and One branch in Otukpo.
The colours of the church are Yello and Blue. Yello stands for Redemption and Blue for Royalty.

B. The church has a website:www.thekingkidsministries.com that carries all relevant information about the ministry.

Becoming a member of The King Kids Assembly
The beginners class is compulsory for every member of TKKA. The classes will help us identify the expectation level for members and everything else that follows will stem from there.

A. Requirement for Membership:
(i)Personal confession of Christ as
Lord and Saviour.
(ii) Holy Ghost Baptism
(iii) Water Baptism by Immersion
(iv) Registration with Gender fellowship, Men, Women and Youths.
(v) Completion of Membership classes.
(vi) Obtain Membership
Registration number (MRN)

B. Benefits of membership
i. A prove that you are a genuine believer. (Eph. 2:19; Rom 12:5)

ii. Grants you membership of a spiritual family that supports and encourages you as a person and your call in Christ. (Gal 6:1-2;
Heb 10:24-25; John 15:6)

iii. Provides platform for you to develope, discover and the use of your gift as a child of God. (1 Cor. 12:4-27).

iv It gives you spiritual coverage and opportunity to consult with godly leaders. (Heb. 13:17; Acts 20:28-29; Prov 29:15)

v. Grants you the privilege to learn godly submission and growth in relationships (Eph 5:21).