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Who owns the life that is in you?

I hear a lot of Christians asking people to give their life to Jesus Christ. Do you give what you do not own? I think what God is saying to man is like “Because your father, Adam sinned he gave birth to you already dead without My life; Adam lost the life which I gave him when he ate the fruit that I commanded him not to eat in Eden (Gen 2:16 – 17 ). But, I am God and nobody can stop or change My plans so I want to give you back the same life that Adam lost if only you can believe in what I sent My only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to do for you (John 3:16)”.
So God is very ready to recreate in you the real original life if you will only accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviors (2 Cort 5:17).

Now, who owns your life? It is God!
What I usually tell people is that, the life you are living is a corrupted or dead life because it was “the corrupted life” death that Adam passed onto all men. But, if you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, He can give you His original or eternal life. Jesus has the original life, the type of life that Adam lost in the garden of Eden! (John 1:4; 1 Cort 15:45).

Satan cannot stop Gods original plan! By God plating the tree of life in the garden of Eden is a prove of His original plan for man to live forever and that is the reason why nobody wants to die at all! God has already made a plan for you to live forever. Your life belongs to God so allow Him to complete what Satan interrupted in the garden of Eden, be born again!
You do not need to work for God before you get born again. You do not need to fast and pray or obey all the laws or quote a lot of scriptures before you get eternal life. The eternal life by Jesus Christ is free! (Gal 2:16; Titus 3:5).
All you that is required to get internal life is by believing in and asking from the giver of all life, Jesus Christ.

If you want to have internal life, Just repeat this prayer:

Oh God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that you sent Jesus Christ to save me. I believe Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary for my sins. He resurrected on the third day for my justification. Lord, I repent of all my sins, I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord an Savior, I humbly ask for the eternal life that is in Christ Jesus which you sent to give to all who believe in Him. Thank you Lord for saving! In Jesus Name I have prayed. Amen.

Now if you prayed the above prayer with all your heart, you are born again. Congratulations. Please want to know about this. reach us by any of our contacts or call 08069311652. Bless you.

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